Photoshop stepped into my life when I was just a wee little 8th grader. At 13 years old, I was given the monotonous fun task of cutting high school athletes out of photos pictures and turning them into .pngs for use in the yearbook. Although it was sorta boring, it got me sorta good with the lasso tool and in turn, sorta good with Photoshop.

Through the years, I’ve used my powers for good. And for fun. Below are some of the fun photoshop personal projects I’ve taken on. (Click on them to make them bigger!)


After a day spent waterskiing on the beautiful, clean Potomac River, my friend Emily and I discovered that we had taken some creeper shots of our friend Spencer while he lounged around the boat. He had no idea that we took any of these, and with a bit of grayscale and a good sense of humor, we transformed them into something handsome. Please keep in mind that you will be able to buy these Cresswell Collection items in K-Mart starting in March 2013.


As an avid fan of Parks and Recreation, when I got wind of “Galentine’s Day”, I knew something had to be done. With a fellow Galentine’s lover, Annelyse, I created the invitation for a dinner at the local Olive Garden.


The lab I work at on campus is full of hilarious, colorful people, and we’ve all become pretty good friends. When Christmas came around last year, I made a collection of tacky Christmas cards for the crew.


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