This past December, my heart was broken in a way like it never had been before. My favorite player on the Nationals, Michael Morse, got traded to the Seattle Mariners. And by favorite, I mean FAVORITE! I have his bobblehead. A poster of him. I prayed his wedding wouldn’t actually happen – kidding. But all hope seemed lost for me. I loved the Nats since they came to DC, don’t get me wrong, but Mikey Mo (as we affectionally call him) was a lovable, charismatic outfielder who was quite the slugger AND really nice to look at. Singing along with his walk up song, Take on Me, became a stadium wide event and listening to him interviewed afterwards was always hilarious. He’s just a fun loving dude!

I first heard rumors of him being traded around Halloween. He’s an animal at bat (hence the nickname, Beast Mode) but a little slow in the field. I respect the Nats for doing what they had to do; its just sad that the clubhouse and the fans lost such a great guy. He’s doing really well up in Seattle, and I gotta say I miss him out there.

Mikey is an avid Twitter user, and coincidentally, so am I. Once, he tweeted about watching the Bachelor. I tweeted at him, asking who his favorite was, and to my big surprise, he responded. We exchanged a few tweets about it (Mike Napoli from the Red Sox dated one of the contestants) and went on to have a few more chats. (I asked him “do you believe in fate?” as a goofy question and he responded with a cartoon of people kissing…I also asked him what his new walk up song would be in Seattle and he answered back with a link to A-Ha Take on Me).

My favorite exchange wasn’t really an exchange at all. I had included Mikey in my poster series (I made all the posters in the fall semester, before the rumors even started flying), and when I found out he was leaving, I took a screenshot of my poster and sent it to him.

Two weeks passed, and all of a sudden, I get a notification of a retweet. Good ole’ Mikey Mo retweeted my poster! I gained about 10 new followers and a bunch of other random people saying it was cool.

I melted a little bit. He might not be in DC anymore, but he will always be in my poster set!


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