Play With Your Food challenge site

Long story short, the company I work for creates corporate wellness programs. As part of the Creative Team, I’m in charge of creating all the collateral for every client – from print pieces to 15 page Health Challenge websites, there is no shortage of things to be designed. Problem is, the websites I’m designing are all part of a template and we have strict guidelines to follow. I decided to take one of the health challenges, Play With Your Food, a healthy eating competition, and recreate it as a portfolio piece.

Part of the process in redesigning these challenges was making them fun and not a chore. People have so much to do, having to log onto a website every day and log your meals in order to gain incentives might be more trouble than its worth. However, with my new design, I’m hoping that wouldn’t be the case.

I made it one long site and kept all the sections the same as what we use at work. The page would be interactive and would take on the personality of the challenge itself. Also, I’ve incorporated social media into the challenge, something that we don’t use at LiveHealthier and we totally should.

Below is a detail of the food chopping typography I did. $20 at Safeway can get you all of that – and more!


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